Pay and Stay Terminals

Payment Terminals

Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions give the provision of high-quality payment terminals with a range of service to suit the individual needs of the car park.

Traditionally payment terminals are used to facilitate a Pay and Display function, where a ticket is printed and then placed so it is visible in the car. Our systems can be integrated with other technologies to facilitate a Pay and Stay function, removing the need to print a ticket. You just pay and then stay! The terminals are cheaper to maintain and more environmentally friendly reducing litter on site caused by discarded tickets.

Our terminals are set up and customised to offer only the payment solutions required for your site. For example if security on site is a concern we can install a card only payment solution removing the risks involved with having cash on site.


Contactless Payment Parking

Here are some of the excellent payment solutions we provide:

  • Cash, card and contactless payment terminal: This gives your customers the choice to pay how they feel most convenient.
  • Pay on exit: Integrated with ANPR this allows customers to only pay for the time they have stayed. No need to cut their day short to get back before a parking session ends.
  • Contactless card only machines: This offers a low-tech solution for customers who are not confident using pay by phone/app services. Yet still removing the risks involved with cash.
  • Simple to use robust machines that assist the user: These clear and easy to read screens with the QWERTY key board layout will be familiar to many customers.

Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions will take the time to fully understand your car park and the needs of the customers who use it. This information combined with our expertise, experience and knowledge of current/future parking trends make us best placed to give the perfect solution.

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