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We provide leading pay and display parking solutions across the UK, including pay and stay solutions, installation, maintenance and management. Motorists in the city, or other public access areas, need parking spaces as they go about their day. Your car park is an important part of their experience because its space provision, safety, and ease of access affects how long they will stay. Additionally, its appearance may influence their decision to make another visit. If you’re in charge of managing parking spaces for the local municipal or public institutions, such as museums, you need to present an efficient, secure, and conveniently accessible space.

Pay and Stay car parks are an improvement over the Pay and Display car parks, where technological innovations like entry and exit vehicle scanners and sensors do away with physical tickets on display. The result is a well-organised, cleaner, and environmentally friendly car park that relies on technological innovations to improve safety and service delivery.

How do Pay and Stay car parks work?

Our Pay and Stay car parks approach brings organisation, efficiency, and safety for motorists who wish to visit your town or institution. For example, in your central business district, you need an organised parking area so visitors don’t have difficulty finding a parking slot or moving around the car park. Additionally, you need to keep the parking area safe, clean, and accessible.

We help you achieve these objectives by providing a simple yet effective way of charging visitors for using the parking slots, while earning you profits for the time visitor vehicles stay in your car park.

A visitor enters the car park where we have installed payment terminals. The visitor then keys in the relevant details, parks in an empty parking slot, leaves the car, and goes about their business in the shopping centre. Eventually, the visitor exits the car park once they conclude their business, with the option of a cash or wireless payment for using your car park.

Why have a Pay and Stay car park?

You cannot afford to have a free-for-all car park. A poorly organised car park means visitors will lack space for their vehicles, thus seeing no need to stick around or make return visits. Additionally, an unrestricted car park invites individuals who have no interest in the area to take up precious space.

Strictly purposeful parking space use

A Pay and Stay car park brings order to an otherwise chaotic parking area. It streamlines motorist traffic, where only motorists with business to conduct in the area are willing to incur car park charges. Therefore, your car park filters out individuals who have no business being in the area. For example, it is not safe and highly inappropriate to encourage idlers around banks and other sensitive government installations.

Ease of operation

Installing Pay and Stay terminals in your car park eliminates the need for parking attendants on-site. Therefore, you’ll save on personnel maintenance expenses while giving motorists some autonomy and quality service.

Benefits of a Pay and Stay car park?

Through our Pay and Stay car park services, such as the installation of payment terminals and overall parking area management, you will access the following benefits:

Payment terminals

Firstly, these payment terminals combine ease of use with advanced technology to make parking spaces easier for you to manage and friendlier for your visitors. Additionally, they present several payment options to visitors, thus ensuring simple and convenient revenue collection. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with a car park littered with parking tickets.


We deliver robust payment terminals at the entry and exit points and secure perimeter fencing to keep visitor cars and their payment information safe. Therefore, your visitors enjoy physical and psychological safety, thus remaining confident to visit your area of jurisdiction and spend more time there without fear of losing their cars.

Better space management

Our bespoke car park management solutions utilise your Pay and Stay car park’s physical space to ensure it’s efficient. With proper organisation, entry, exit, and arrangement of parking slots will leave no wasted space.

Fair parking charges

Through APNR technology and other smart applications, motorists only pay for the time they park their cars. Our system works on a Pay on Exit basis, where the exit point payment terminal presents a bill calculated based on the time spent in the car park. Therefore, motorists no longer have to rush through their visit, which can typically be the case in parking spaces that charge by the hour.

Minimal labour requirements

Automating your Pay and Stay car park eliminates the need for parking attendants. Therefore, you’ll only need cleaning staff, which is cheaper for your office.

Motorist-friendly devices and payment points

Automating your car parks doesn’t mean you’ll lose the customer service touch the public expects. Our payment terminals and associated devices on-site are customer friendly, thus ensuring no hiccups. Additionally, your car park will have smoother traffic flow, further improving relations.

Encourages only serious visitors

Since motorists must pay for parking, your car parks will attract those with relevant engagements and other activities. Our systems and management solutions ensure that no one leaves their vehicle there without a specific purpose in the area. Therefore, a Pay and Stay car park is the first step in attracting the right attention.

Locations for a Pay and Stay car park

A well-organised and efficient Pay and Stay car park is an important part of any town planning or public institution space management. Therefore, your central business district or any other public service premises should provide this service to motorists. You need to provide safety, organisation, and attractiveness in your managed car park while motorists need to have a positive impression of your region and feel confident visiting.

Pay and Stay car parks from Bransby Wilson

Our approach to Pay and Stay car parks eliminates all the chaos and other problems associated with parking in public areas. Our professional car park management solutions also handle all the heavy lifting involved in setting up and running car parks. Get in touch with Bransby Wilson today to learn more about our services.

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