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The Estate has worked with Bransby Wilson for nearly 10 years and have recently renewed the contract. We chose to continue to use their services as they understand the complex parking requirement surrounding the Estate's 28 car parks.


The Estate owns a significant amount of land and property in Malton, a market town in the heart of North Yorkshire, known as the ‘Food Capital’ of the North. Its annual Food Lovers Festival attracts thousands of visitors across the weekend, and in 2019, the town welcomed more than 45,000 to the foodie extravaganza. A food market is held each month in the town, which attracts a large number of visitors from the surrounding areas. In addition, a cattle market is also held during the working week on the outskirts, which often requires certain car parks to be closed.

The Estate’s car parks are used by the public, both commercial and residential tenants, and monthly permits are sold to provide income.


The enormity of the project presented its own challenge, and each of the 28 car parks owned by the Estate had their own individual parking terms to account for. Some spaces are allocated to businesses, others to permit holders, and some are reserved for public use only.

The Estate also wanted to promote visiting Malton to tourists/non-locals by offering 2 hours of free parking in its central car parks. This would need smartly enforcing to ensure it was not abused by businesses and staff.

The permit management system in place was outdated and the Estate’s administration staff spent several hours each day maintaining it.

Bransby Wilson Solution

  • Bransby Wilson took charge of all administrative duties regarding permit parking. Using our modern online permit management system, all the user details were updated, and the old data purged. This enabled us to increase permit parking availability and increase revenue.
  • Our in-house customer service team provide customer support throughout the week, and are able to assist with general enquires regarding parking and permit sales.
  • To give the Estate effective enforcement across all 28 car parks, Bransby Wilson provide regular manual patrol. Using a small team of dedicated patrol officers, they have quickly built up invaluable knowledge of the area, and they communicate directly with the Estate to assist with any issues as they arise.
  • Due to the variance and number of car parks owned by the Estate, manual patrol was the most effective enforcement solution. Having a regular patrol officer presence in all the car parks also meant that the Estate could receive regular updates regarding any maintenance issues.


The sheer size and complexity of this site meant that it was of utmost importance that Bransby Wilson took the time to understand the exact needs of the client in order to come up with appropriate solutions. Once our solutions were put in place, the Estate had more support when it came to customer queries, and experienced an increase in revenue with the new management of the site. The systems we implemented also allowed the operation of a 2-hour free parking period in the town centre, attracting more visitors and tourists to the local area and surrounding shops.


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