Peel Street Car Park York


Peel Street Car Park Bransby Wilson


York City Centre



Considered our flagship car park we are proud to have this as part of the Bransby Wilson portfolio. The pay on exit system has been well received by visitors to York and showcases parking technology at its best.


Centrally located in the popular city of York in North Yorkshire the car parks attracts locals, tourists and workers. The site is busy everyday of the week and the spaces turn over quickly. Prior to being acquired by Bransby Wilson the sites surface and equipment had been left untouched for a number of years.


The sites surface was in extremely poor condition with numerous large pot holes which often caused damaged to customers vehicles who used the car park. The parking bay lining had worn over time an no longer clearly marked individual spaces. This led to vehicles often parking over two bays or blocking access roads within the car park restricting movement.

Feedback received from users of the car park was that trips to York could often be longer than they initially planned. As there was no facility to extend/top up parking stays remotely customers were forced to return to their vehicle.

Bransby Wilson Solution

  • Bransby Wilson invested heavily into Peel Street and completely resurfaced the entire car park. This also enabled the car park layout to be restructured creating 16 more spaces and increase revenue potential.
  • New payment terminals installed to allow payment by cash, card and include contactless payment options e.g. pay by phone/pay by mobile app.
  • The site was changed from Pay and Display to Pay on Exit so visitors to York only paid for the duration they stayed. A popular system that has been received well as visitors no longer feel rushed when enjoying the city.
  • With the complete overhaul of the site Bransby Wilson took this opportunity to introduce electric vehicle charge points to support the councils push to reduce CO2 within the city walls.
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