State of the Art Parking Technology

We know that technology is paramount to the success of every car park. Our leading parking technologies help reduce costs, improve customer experience, save time, and remove operational pressures.

Technology in the parking world has progressed quickly over the years, and we have continuously kept pace, often developing our own unique parking technology solutions. It’s key that parking technologies are used appropriately, ensuring that the human element remains throughout, as there is sometimes no better solution than that of a person making an informed decision on the spot. Our parking technologies help to support the human element by making processes more efficient and providing valuable information in order to make data driven decisions.

Contact us for more information or browse our wide range of parking technologies below:

Solar Panel
Solar Panel

ANPR Solutions

Cameras are placed at the entrances and exits of the car park to photograph every vehicle as it arrives and leaves. The system provides crucial data about occupancy, peak times and parking behaviours.


Pay and Display Machines

Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions give the provision of high-quality payment terminals. Depending on the needs of your car park we will advise what solution will work best for you and your site.

Contactless Payments at Parking Site

Contactless Payment

It is important that you provide a platform that works for everyone. Pay by phone, pay on app, contactless card, Apple Pay and Autopay. We can provide your customers with a user friendly payment service.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions are actively investing to grow the number of sites offering electric charging bays and are well placed to advise how EV charging can benefit your car park.

Solar Panel

Solar Car Parks

Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions were one of the first car park operators to start regularly using solar technology across its car parks. Providing power to previously impossible locations, see how this technology can benefit your business.

Permit Holders Sign


As parking trends have changed and technology advanced the need for a physical permit is now extinct. Using an e-Permit system saves time and improves user experience.

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