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Do you own a shopping centre? Or are you looking to maximise profits on your shopping centre car park? Focusing on a pay and stay parking solution is ideal for optimising your income. The spaces you provide are the first experience your customers have of your business. Upgrading from previous methods is one way to enhance their first impression. Beyond that, a well-designed car park reduces risk, maximises profits, and automates labour-intensive processes.

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Why Car Park Solutions Matter

Parking is one of the most ineffective areas for many businesses. While you may run your site optimally, you could lose thousands a year on poor parking management. A new, less involved parking solution offers the best of both worlds. You spend less time on handling parking, yet, at the same time, the passive income for parking is better than ever.

Parking solutions matter because:

  • You want to provide a positive first impression
  • You’re spending too much time and money on manual processes
  • The costs of parking outweigh the benefits
  • Your parking space attracts customers from other businesses nearby

If any of those concerns relate to your site, then optimising your parking facility is the ideal choice. As specialists in pay and stay parking solutions, we provide a complete service for shopping centres and shopping parks. From small local businesses to community hubs, we tailor our services to your needs.

What Are the Benefits of a Pay and Stay Solution?

Why choose pay and stay? Our solution is simple, with pay and stay being a parking option found across many retail spaces. We deliver on efficient parking, providing customers with a positive experience, and ensuring you get the most out of your business. Here are a few benefits to consider:

Extra income for your business

If your car park is free, then you’re losing money every day. Your fees may not meet today’s standards if you have traditional payment systems. With our pay and stay solution, you gain extra income passively. Our approach eliminates the chaos of traditional parking, and we handle every aspect of your car park management. At the same time, you get all the benefits of a steady, consistent parking income.

Improved security for visitors

One of the key concerns for visitors is safety. An unsafe car park can be a key reason certain demographics shop elsewhere. For example, lack of lighting or cameras could be a risk. Safety is even more important if you’re in an area with high theft rates. Working with a qualified parking specialist means you can improve security, providing protection where it’s needed most. The safer your customers feel, the more likely they will repeat their experience.

Technology to harness the power of ANPR

Advancing the technology in your car park provides plenty of benefits. ANPR technology isn’t just a buzzword; with the data collected, you can make plenty of crucial decisions about your business. Average stay, repeat visits, and hot spot areas all provide valuable insight. If you want to maximise efficiency, technology is the way forward. Less waste, more insight.

Limit parking abuse for maximum efficiency

Parking abuse is a classic problem for many car park owners. From car meetups to visitors parking for other amenities, you want to ensure your car park is reserved for a particular purpose. Pay and Stay naturally reduces these concerns; with limits on stay times and set-in-stone payments, there’s no way to cheat the system. Have local amenities with no accessibility? Upgrading your car park means you can take advantage of their failure.

Reduce overheads with automation

From regular inspections to staffing, the overheads of car parks can quickly build up. Implementing our Pay and Stay solution helps to reduce those costs. You can automate specific processes – from payments to tickets, there’s less need for constant staffing on-site. The result? Effective management without labour, for the highest savings possible.

Why Choose Bransby Wilson?

Why choose us for your shopping centre car park? As specialists in car park management, we have the knowledge and skill to achieve your goals. Our expert team provides specialist services across the UK, and we’ve worked with shopping centres and retail businesses of all shapes and sizes. Above all, you can rely on us to achieve your desired results. Here’s why retail companies choose us:

Your national car park specialists

When it comes to car parks, we’re the experts. We have the experience to achieve your goals; whether you’d like to save costs or improve safety, we’re the ideal team for the job. Our experience working at sites across the UK works to your advantage. We understand local requirements as well as you do; from weather conditions to local council standards, we deliver excellent results.

Easy transition for minimal disruption

Transitioning from your existing system to a new one doesn’t need to be complicated. Our team is well-versed in the conversion process. As a result, we can implement a smooth transition into a Pay and Stay managed car park. With minimal disruption, your customers can continue shopping from you as they usually do. No fuss, no mess, just a quick and easy process from start to finish.

Tried and tested parking solutions

We’ve implemented and managed hundreds of car parks across the UK – from nature reserve parking solutions to town centre parking management. We apply this wealth of experience to your car park to develop the ideal solution. Our team takes the time to understand your needs and goals. For shopping centre car parks, we’re the best team to call.

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