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Bransby Wilson took the time to listen and understand the complex issues we had, the staff were all very helpful throughout the process. The solution they have provided has irradicated all our issue but what has impressed me the most is the ongoing support we receive

GM Mecca Stockton


The Rank Group are one of the largest multisite gaming and leisure operators in the UK. They have a significant number of car parks servicing their customers and the general public.

Bransby Wilson maintain a longstanding successful relationship with this client having manged several of their car parks for a prolonged period of time, built on a foundation of trust and service promoting a positive working relationship bespoke to each respective sites needs.

Their flagship is the Mecca Bingo and G-Casino based in Stockton at Chandlers Wharf, boasting one of the largest car parks in their portfolio.


A large car park broken down into 3 main areas totalling over 250 spaces shared primarily for use by the onsite casino and bingo hall. A fast-food outlet (Burger King) shares access to the car park for its customers.

The site is surrounded by large residential and commercial units.

The site management found they rarely had car parking spaces for their patrons of the Bingo hall during the day as spaces were being abused by none authorised local residents and office staff to park their own vehicles. Monday to Friday the car park was often full despite the casino and bingo hall having less than 100 patrons at any one time. Having multiple entrances with 3 incumbent businesses on site all entitled to use the car parking Rank had previously thought ANPR enforcement would be impracticable due to the complexity, indeed they had attempted to use an alternative private operator to solve their issues without success.

Rank were concerned that introduction of car park management could have a detrimental effect to their flagship sites.


Bransby Wilson Solution

  • The Rank Group approached Bransby Wilson above their other car park operators to trust us with finding the best possible solution for their flagship site.
  • Bransby Wilson took the time to understand all the clients needs and liaise with the other business involved, a business outside of Rank’s control. An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system was introduced. An unsurpassable infrastructure was put in place to give patrons a simple and effective solution for whitelisting their own vehicles and ensure they had a trouble free use of the site.
  • In depth training was given to staff at all 3 of the business locations (not just our client!) so that all members understood the system and how they could help customers adapt to the changes.
  • Bransby Wilson also identified a revenue source available to increase income for the rank group by introducing a separate pay and stay operation on the site to be utilised by the residents and staff in the surrounding area during restricted times, allowing the client to not only resolve their problems with parking however generate income at the same time.
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