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they solved all our parking problems and understood our concerns. Most importantly they quickly increased revenue generated from all 6 of our Trust car parks.


Cotswold Waterpark Trust have 6 car parks spread out over 40 square miles all within the land of the nature reserve. With over 180 lakes and stunning wetlands landscapes the site attracts thousand of visitors a month many of which travel to the area by car due to its location. The trust is reliant on parking revenue as it provides the main source of income.

The Trust is a registered charity who use the income generated for the conservation of the area and to fund a wide range of environmental and wildlife projects.


Each of the 6 car parks had its own unique challenges to overcome with several having no mains electrical supply. The Trust relied on visitors to pay using an ‘honesty box’ for parking fees however it was estimated that 60% of vehicles abused the system.

The Trust had no way of accurately recording parking data, they needed a system that could provide accurate information of visitors their site. The information needed to be real time, in an easily readable format and the submitted to the trust monthly.

With parking revenue playing such an important part in providing funds for the conservation of the area the Trust needed a provider who could maximise the parking potential of each site and treat customers fairly so they would return in the future.

Bransby Wilson Solution

  • Bransby Wilson updated all the car parks with new card and cash solar powered payment kiosks and made pay by phone/app available.
  • All signage for the car parks were re designed and in line with the Trusts own branding, we also made sure the colours complemented the area of natural outstanding beauty.
  • Using state of the art Solar technology Bransby Wilson manged to successfully introduce automatic number plate recognition systems across the sites which provided additional security, 24/7 enforcement and a way to accurately record all traffic data.
  • The solar power system used is one of Bransby Wilsons own designs and consistently provides power to the cameras with the ability to store energy and stay operational at night and even during the dark winter months. The efficient system used to store power also means it requires little  ongoing maintenance.
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