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Bransby Wilson listened to our requirements and tailored the system to meet our exact needs – great, friendly, and efficient company to deal with.


This site, located in Cornwall, was originally managed by a different car park provider, however, switched to Bransby Wilson after seeing what we were able to offer. Bude Golf Club have two sections to their car park, one for Members Only, and one Pay and Stay site that provides parking for general visitors.


There were a number of challenges faced by this client, as they required certain systems to be in place in order to ensure the smooth running of the car park.

One of the main issues faced was the need for an authorised users list to be implemented for the Members Only section of their car park, so that they could satisfy the needs of their customers. They required a system that would allow them to register and log members, but also one that allowed daily visitors to enter their registrations.

There were also some challenges faced by the Pay and Stay parking section, as they required separate systems to be put in place to allow ease of operation. The client also wanted a management company to run that section, enabling them to benefit from the experience and expert knowledge that a professional car park operator can apply to their site. A few issues also came up regarding signage in the Pay and Stay section, as well as compliance.

Bransby Wilson Solution

  • The systems we implemented saved a considerable amount of admin work for the client, as we were able to provide a customer-facing solution.
  • We created a bespoke back-office management system that was specific to the site’s needs. This not only allowed an ease of access for the golf club members, but also for staff and any contractors who were using the car park.
  • The technology that we provided to the client allowed them to run the system that we put in place, so they were able to manage the members list, and had full control over their site and how they would like to use it.
  • At the client’s request, Bransby Wilson took over the management of the Pay and Stay section, putting in clearer signage and new payment machines.


By the client switching from their previous car park provider to Bransby Wilson, we were able to provide them with a flexibility of management solutions that worked across both of their site sections, making the entire process easier. This led to fewer complaints, a reduction in staff hours at the site spent dealing with parking issues, and ultimately maximising revenue whilst providing the users with a professional customer journey.


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