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We chose Bransby Wilson because they understand our company ethos and are able to provide a parking service that overcomes the issues around our rural location. A professional team who are a pleasure to deal with.


Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s site at Crickley Hill is located in the countryside, and is popular with walkers who visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the mixture of long and short walking trails. The site has two car parks split over two levels, with an onsite café, visitor centre, and toilet facilities. A popular site that attracts over 50,000 unique visitors per year.


Two large car parks, with high turnover of vehicles, in a rural location presented several challenges that the trust needed addressing. The car parks had outdated cash-only payment terminals that, over the years, had become unreliable and often out of service. It was noted that even those who did pay often donated under-used paid parking session tickets to people arriving as they were leaving the site – again lowering income as the paid parking sessions were not bespoke to vehicles.

The site was never actively policed, and revenue generated from parking did not reflect the large volume of users, with many visitors failing to pay for their stay.

The Trust also sold yearly memberships to the public, and any new system would have to be able to accommodate this.


Bransby Wilson Solution

  • Bransby Wilson installed two new solar powered Flowbird payment terminals with cash, pay by card (chip and pin), and contactless payment – all payments had to be made against specific vehicles visits and were non-transferable.
  • Previously, card payments had not been possible due to poor signal in the area. Bransby Wilson overcame these issues by using multi sim routers with signal boost aerials.
  • To give the greatest ease of use, the system allows visitors to pay retrospectively for parking up to 24 hrs after leaving the site – a feature which has been well received since its introduction and helps genuine paying users of the site to avoid any parking charges/enforcement action.
  • Enforcement was introduced to the site by installing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition parking system. Within weeks of the new parking measures being introduced, the Trust saw revenue increase and  income now reflected the levels of visitors to the site.
  • The system also generates accurate traffic flow information, which the Trust have been able to use to fully understand parking activity, including peak times, number of visitors, busiest days, and average length of stay. These reports are now used to assist with business forecasting.


The new solar powered payment technology meant that card payments were now made possible at the site, where they previously had not. The solutions that Bransby Wilson were able to put in place enabled a smoother experience for all visitors to the site and the data collected meant that the client was more aware of how their site was being used. The significant increase in revenue for the site also meant that the Trust was able to continue investing in their conservation efforts.


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