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Solar Car Parks UK: Renewable Energy for Sustainable Parking Solutions at No Cost To Our Clients

Bransby Wilson is a leading provider of solar car parks across the UK, offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. With solar power technology, car park operators can reduce their carbon footprint, increase revenue, and enhance security. From solar-powered ANPR systems to lighting installations and payment terminals, these innovative solutions are reshaping the future of solar car parks.
As well as reducing your bills, solar power is a reliable, green energy source. By switching to solar power, you can demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint while reducing your business overheads and maximising profitable revenue.


Bransby Wilson’s Solar Powered Car Parks

Bransby Wilson specialises in providing top-of-the-range solar powered car park solutions. With extensive investments in solar power technology, we offer reliable and efficient solutions across the UK. Our portfolio includes rural and urban sites where solar power has revolutionised parking revenue. These solutions are ideal for locations without access to traditional power infrastructure, offering cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Due to the nature of solar power, it’s a wonderfully cost-effective option for your site, increasing revenue while saving on energy bills. With Bransby Wilson managing your car park, you’ll see a significant increase in revenue and security, improving your customer journey.


The Benefits of Solar Car Parks

Solar power presents a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for both isolated and urban car parks. By utilising solar panels, car parks can generate electricity, powering various components such as payment terminals, lighting, and ANPR systems. Moreover, solar technology future-proofs car parks, allowing for the integration of new parking systems as technology advances. This not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also enhances the overall customer experience.

  • Renewable Green Energy – Sustainable and Minimal Carbon Footprint
  • Reduced Long-Term Overheads
  • Flexibility – Choose Any Plot Even if There Is No Power Infrastructure
  • Cost Effective – Most Cost-Effective Solution in Rural Locations


Solar Car Parking Solutions: Solar Powered ANPR, Lighting, and Payment Systems

Bransby Wilson’s advanced solar car park technology provides reliable enforcement solutions such as solar powered ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera systems, lighting installations, and payment terminals. Our solar-powered ANPR systems are industry-leading, powered by renewable green energy and leave a minimal carbon footprint. Unlike lower-quality CCTV-style systems, our solar ANPR system delivers accurate results consistently, avoiding unnecessary Parking Charge Notices (PCNs). These flexible solar car parking solutions cater to urban and remote areas, providing tailored options to meet diverse requirements.

Whether it’s a bustling urban parking lot or a remote rural car park with no power or phone signal, we can provide fully tailored solutions to suit your requirements.


How Much Does Solar Power Cost?

Bransby Wilson has heavily invested in solar technology over the years, and we use this across a large number of sites in the UK. With several rural attraction sites in the Bransby Wilson portfolio, this technology has been crucial in maximising parking revenue that no other parking operator could achieve and is often a more cost-effective solution in rural locations. As we here at Bransby Wilson often pay for this solution to be implemented, there is no requirement for any investment capital from our clients.
Solar reduces your energy bills, or means you don’t pay for energy at all, and saves you money each month that passes. The longer your car park uses solar power, the more money you’ll save, reducing long-term overheads.


How to Future-Proof Your Car Parks

Having solar power on your site, especially where a standard power infrastructure is unavailable, makes it possible to install new parking systems in your car park as technology progresses.
With energy costs growing every year, businesses across the UK are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources and minimise their carbon footprint. Installing solar panels in your car park is a small step towards sustainability that could significantly impact what you pay for your energy. It also clearly communicates your green credentials to customers, many of whom may prefer to park in a carbon-neutral facility.

With the use of cameras designed specifically for car park management, our solar ANPR is industry leading, powered by renewable green energy, and leaves a minimal carbon footprint. By making the switch to solar power now, you can future-proof your car park and reaffirm your brand’s commitment to 21st-century values.


Is Solar Power for Car Parks Reliable?

Modern solar power offers an effective way to power your solar car park. Our solar solutions are safe and reliable and significantly impact operational value. They outperform our competitors, who use lower quality CCTV-style systems that are vulnerable to collecting inaccurate data and issuing parking charge notices unnecessarily. As Bransy Wilson handles all of this, we remove the stress from our clients and use our 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience to manage it, so you don’t have to.

Our solutions are fitted with long-lasting solar batteries, capable of storing solar energy during high sun for later use. This means that even when little solar energy is available because it’s dark or overcast, your solar-powered parking systems can draw power from the solar battery and function normally.


Are Car Park Solar Panels Difficult to Install?

Actually, installing car park solar panels is often faster and more cost-effective than installing mains power access, especially in rural areas. Not only does this mean that your car park can be up and running sooner, but means that sites that previously lacked access to power sources now have the option of setting up via solar panel systems. This enables clients access to data from any ANPR cameras, as well as better enforcement and higher revenue from any systems put in place. When it comes to the installation of car park solar panels itself, we handle everything and do all the work for you. We continuously improve our solar power systems, and today have a low-maintenance, high-reliability solution that can be adapted to suit almost any car parking space.


Maximise Sustainability and Revenue with Bransby Wilson

Bransby Wilson’s solar car parking solutions reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to long-term cost savings. Car parks can minimise overheads and enhance revenue streams by relying on renewable green energy. These solutions are particularly advantageous in rural locations where traditional power access is limited. Our customisable solar car parking systems are low maintenance, reliable, and adaptable to various spaces.

Embracing solar powered car parks revolutionises the parking industry, offering sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Bransby Wilson provides comprehensive solar car parking solutions, encompassing ANPR systems, lighting, and payment technologies. With our expertise and commitment to renewable energy, we are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in solar car park solutions.


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