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Working with Bransby Wilson has been a great experience. They really listened to the issues we were experiencing and the systems they’ve provided us with have made a huge difference to the running of our site.


Located in the busy city centre of Lancaster, this site provides much needed parking for both locals and visitors. This sight was already an existing car park prior to being managed by Bransby Wilson, with a traditional operation Pay and Display system in place, which only accepted coins through a payment kiosk, and was monitored via manual patrol officers.


There were issues regarding rogue parking due to the site’s central location and the high amount of traffic that passes through every day. Drop-offs from the local schools in the area were also often blocking access to the car park for genuine users, causing frustration for customers who were trying to enter, and people were often parking for free during evening events. The revenue the site generated did not reflect the volume of traffic using the car park.

As well as this, there was also the problem of youngsters often entering the site at night and causing anti-social behaviour with their vehicles.

Manual patrol had been arranged with another company in order to oversee the site, however this eventually dwindled down to no patrols being in effect. Often this is the case, as manual patrol is no longer the most cost-effective solution.

Bransby Wilson Solution

  • Bransby Wilson discussed options with the client to ensure we found solutions that worked best for them.
  • Previously, the Pay and Display kiosk only accepted cash. So, we provided a new payment kiosk that still accepted cash, but also had an option for card payments, as well as options for paying using RingGo, Pay-by-Phone, or via app.
  • We installed an Automatic Number Plate (ANPR) camera system, which created an enforcement solution that was more appropriate for this site than the manual patrol that had previously been in place.


With the Bransby Wilson solutions put in place, the client found that there was an increase in revenue from car park users, a reduction in rogue parking, and the issue of anti-social behaviour connected to the youths using the car park at night was abolished. The new systems made it easier for users to pay for their parking.


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