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Benefits of School, College & University Parking Management

In the busy world of schools, colleges and universities, where space is limited, good parking management can be a huge benefit to students, parents, visitors and the local community. Bransby Wilson has been providing parking management solutions for over 30 years, and they’re experts at it. They provide tailored parking management solutions to universities, schools and colleges, with advanced technologies such as solar car park solutions and electric vehicle charging points, to name a few. This has transformed the parking facilities of universities, schools and colleges across the UK.

Bransby Wilson prides itself on its commitment to improving the efficiency of school, college and university parking management facilities. Their success story is in their extensive experience within the parking management sector and their belief that a customised approach to each client’s unique needs is paramount. Their custom solutions are made specifically to suit your school, college, and university parking management needs, and they prioritise keeping the need for maintenance to a minimum.


Parking Benefits for Universities, Colleges and Schools

Bransby Wilson has worked hand-in-hand with various educational institutions across the UK to elevate their parking management systems. Notable clients include York College, where a comprehensive parking management system with permit parking was implemented. Shrewsbury College and All Saints School in York amongst others, have also benefited from our parking management systems. Implementing these systems has reduced congestion and improved the overall campus experience.

These success stories demonstrate how Bransby Wilson’s bespoke parking solutions cater to the unique needs of their clients. Therefore, making life easier for students, staff, and visitors while improving overall campus functionality.


Smart Parking Technologies

In the realm of smart parking, it’s crucial to balance technology and human judgment. While human decisions can often be the best solution in certain situations, our parking technologies are designed to enhance and support these decisions. Our vast array of smart parking technologies, such as ANPR parking systems, pay and display machines, solar car parks, e-permits, and contactless parking payments, streamline processes and provide valuable data to help make informed choices, ensuring that the human element remains an integral part of the parking experience.

In school, college and university parking management, sometimes it’s also about trying new ideas. This might include adding storage spaces, places to park bikes or motorcycles, or even setting up vending machines for everyone’s use which is where our extensive car park design expertise can assist.


University Parking Services for Students

University life can be challenging, and finding a parking spot should not be an added stressor. Bransby Wilson’s comprehensive parking services make life easier for students. Students can easily handle their parking costs thanks to user-friendly payment machines. Moreover, the availability of electric vehicle charging bays encourages environmentally conscious choices among students. E-permits ensure that students have guaranteed parking spaces, reducing the time spent searching for parking and allowing them to focus more on their studies.


Premium Parking Permit Solutions

Our new BW-Portal and BW-Permit system has become a very popular choice for schools, colleges and universities across the UK. BW-Permit is our premium permit parking solution with multiple bespoke functions that benefit all users. Both the client and the permit holders have individual logins which enables both parties (if permitted) to manage the system.

We create a bespoke permit webpage, BW-Permit, that can be run as a standalone site or linked to the client’s own website. We work with our clients to tailor the permit system to their needs. Contact us for more information about our new parking permit solutions.


Accessible Visitor Parking

Visitors to schools, colleges or university campuses can also benefit from Bransby Wilson’s parking solutions. Payment terminals and other equipment ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when visiting the campus. Clear and user-friendly signage design helps visitors easily navigate the parking facilities, creating a positive impression of the institution.


Local Community Benefits

Bransby Wilson understands the importance of open communication with clients and the local community. Their commitment to improving brand recognition and fostering a friendly relationship with car park users also benefits the local community. Well-managed parking facilities reduce traffic congestion, making life more pleasant for residents.

In addition to these specific benefits, Bransby Wilson also offers a wide range of services that enhance the overall parking experience and revenue generation for their clients:

  • Pay and Display: Efficiently manage parking durations and permit parking in any university car park.
  • Parking Technology Installation and Maintenance: Install and maintain payment terminals and other equipment to facilitate easy transactions.
  • Enforcement Services: Ensure compliance with the Code of Practice through ANPR and manual patrols.
  • Bespoke Signage Design: Create clear and attractive signage to guide users effectively.
  • Complete Car Park Design & Set-Up: Set up and maintain the parking facility, including addressing planning permissions and business rates.
  • Payment System Management: Handle all payment systems and ensure smooth cash collection with monthly client settlements.
  • Customer Care Line: Provide a dedicated and friendly customer care line to address user queries and concerns.

Bransby Wilson’s commitment to delivering tailor-made parking management solutions for universities, colleges, and schools benefits the institutions and their students, visitors, and the local communities they serve. By harnessing their extensive industry experience and working closely with their clients, Bransby Wilson is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly parking experience across the UK’s educational landscape.


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