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Planning a new car park is filled with complexities; from making the most of the space you have, to gaining necessary permissions, and optimising the customer journey. The process of car park site planning and setup is not a simple one. But a new car park for your business can be transformative:

  • Improving footfall
  • Adding value for customers travelling by car
  • Enabling business expansion
  • Increasing the potential for monetisation of your space

At Bransby Wilson, our team of experts have years of experience managing and leading site setup for new car parks across the UK. We can take the reins and manage every aspect of your car park setup. In the same way, we can simply offer our expertise as and when you need it.

As every car park is different, so is the work required to make the space operational. Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions will conduct a full site survey and use our years of experience and team experts to ensure nothing is missed.

With an in-house team of engineers and installation staff, Bransby Wilson completes all work efficiently. With a wide variety of car park management solutions available, we have every element of your car park covered. The cost of the services we provide are inclusive within our management contracts and requires no capital investment from our clients. We keep the majority of equipment required to make a car park operational in stock. This helps us set up new sites quickly and, in some cases, this can be as little as 7 days.

What elements of car park design and setup can Bransby Wilson help with?

We offer a comprehensive car park site setup service covering every aspect of site setup that you need, from the initial design stages to the finishing touches. Our expert advisors can help you to make informed, sensible decisions on your car park before we begin our efficient and completely tailored site setup service. This includes:

  • Bespoke sign design, production, and installation for clear navigation throughout your car park
  • Full groundworks, including the repair of potholes and resurfacing
  • Layout design and planning, including space optimisation and bay markings
  • Installation of lighting, height restrictors, barriers, and bollards
  • Security system installation, including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Payment terminal supply, configuration, and site installation
  • Electrical works, including supply from mains and solar-powered solutions

Bransby Wilson loan the equipment free of charge for the term of the contract with the option to purchase at a reduced price at the end, if required. Before commencing a project, our experienced staff members will discuss your new car park with you, ensuring that every element of your site design is exactly right during the process. Our service is personal and 100% tailored to you.

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Why use Bransby Wilson for your car park setup project?

At Bransby Wilson, we are an experienced team of expert engineers and installers dedicated to excellent customer service and quality finishes. We strive to deliver perfect results in every aspect of your site setup, from the quality of our custom site designs to the perfect finish we deliver during construction and installation. Our team of engineers and installers is:

  • Reliable, turning up on time and working hard to deliver excellent results
  • Fully trained and experienced in car park construction and engineering
  • Dedicated to friendly, personal, customer service with each of our clients

We offer a simple, accessible service with transparent pricing. The cost of the services we provide is included within our management contracts and requires no capital investment from our clients. We keep the majority of the equipment we work with, which means we’re ready to go at short notice. Need a site set up soon? We can get a car park ready and operational in as little as seven days!

Having spent years designing and constructing car parks for clients across the UK, you can trust our team to lead your site setup with industry experience, technical skills, and extensive knowledge.

What other services can Bransby Wilson offer?

We offer all elements of car park management and setup. Once your new car park is up and running, let us help you ensure your car park is running smoothly seven days a week with our parking management and parking permit solutions. Our team can work with you to install innovative parking technologies and provide car park design and set up solutions that can help you to maximise profits, manage traffic during busy periods, and attract visitors where needed. From marketing to maintenance, we do it all.

We frequently work with clients across the country, whose existing car parks are in need of an overhaul. Whether this means a physical resurfacing or the installation of modern parking solutions including contemporary parking payment terminals and improved signage, we can ensure your car park offers value, security, and convenience to drivers, maximising customer satisfaction and profits at the same time.

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If you’re looking for a reliable company that can lead the setup and management of your car park from start to finish, get in touch today. Our team of expert engineers can design and install new car parks in as little as seven days. Call us to discuss your 100% bespoke car park design and site setup now.

Our dedicated team of experts are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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