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Bransby Wilson have always been great to work with, listening to issues we’ve experienced over the years and continually providing solutions that work for us.


Situated in central Hereford, the car park is close to a hospital and experiences high patient use, as well as traffic from the bustling city centre. Bransby Wilson have had a longstanding management contract with this site, continually ensuring their needs are being met to the highest standard and working closely together to achieve this.


The main challenge faced by this site was the high abuse of the car parking area compared with the number of genuine users. People were often using the site as a waiting place as opposed to a parking space, and not paying for the time spent there.

This site also had an issue with littering, where people were simply discarding their rubbish around the car park, creating an unsafe and unsanitary environment.

Unfortunately, these issues were not able to be resolved by the manual patrol and enforcement that was in place, as it wasn’t possible to physically monitor the car park as often as was required.

Bransby Wilson Solutions

  • We discussed the challenges faced by the site with the client and the changes that could be made in order to improve our service and the running of the car park.
  • In response to the issues regarding monitoring the site, an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera system was put in place. The camera system was a highly effective solution for deterring littering on the site.
  • The ANPR system also enabled 24/7 data feedback, which provides us with the information we need to compile monthly reports for the client. They are then able to use it confidently as a form of enforcement, while we can use it for information regarding peak usage times, tracking tariffs, and length of stay. This is specifically helpful when it comes to looking at potential changes in tariffs.


The solutions put in place by Bransby Wilson led to a significantly cleaner and safer car parking environment for the client, as well as a much higher compliance in paid parking at the site. The client was pleased that, after years of working together, we were still able to help identify any new issues that may appear and create appropriate solutions.


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