Let Spaces

Have you got car parking spaces to let?

Bransby Wilson brings together people who need car park spaces with people who have spare places.  We can help you gain a healthy income stream from under-utilised land, whether you have just one space for daytime use on the drive of your house or business premises that have surplus bays.

  • Underused land: turn your underused land into a pay and display car park.
  • Evening or weekend car park availability: many businesses located in popular areas only need their car parks during the working week. We can help you generate revenue by making your car park available to the public when you don’t need it.
  • Schools and churches: many schools and irregularly used buildings have lots of potential parking spaces that can generate income. For example, schools in tourist areas tend to be unused in the summer period when demand for parking is at its highest.
  • Surplus car spaces: many town center buildings such as pubs or hotels have more car parking spots than they need for their customers. We can help you find people willing to contract parking spots paying you income every month.

Let a space

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