Solar Solutions

Bransby Wilson, the car park operator providing a top of the range best in class solar powered solution at no cost to our clients.

Solar technology is the perfect option to help reduce the carbon footprint and offer a solution to car parks with no mains power. Solar energy can be used to power payment terminals, lighting and even ANPR systems. Bransby Wilson have heavily invested in solar power over the years and we use this technology across a large number of sites in the UK. With the use of cameras designed specifically for the purpose of car park management our solar ANPR is industry-leading. It outperforms our competitors who use lower quality CCTV style systems that are vulnerable to collecting inaccurate data and issuing parking charge notices unnecessarily.

With several rural attraction sites in the Bransby Wilson portfolio, this technology has been crucial in maximising parking revenue that previously no other parking operator could achieve. Our systems are safe, reliable and make a significant difference to operational value.


Here are some of the benefits that solar power provides to the car parks it is installed in:

  • Renewable green energy leaving a minimal carbon footprint
  • Reduced long term overheads
  • Allows the facility of other parking solutions at site that previously had no power source
  • Often a more cost effective solution in rural locations

Bransby Wilson have continuously improved their solar power systems and today have a low maintenance, high reliability solution that can be adapted to suit almost any space.

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