Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

Bransby Wilson is proud to offer charging for electric vehicles at several of our car parks.

With the ever changing expectations from the customers using your car park, it’s important that you keep ahead. Bransby Wilson have the experience and knowledge to advise on how introducing electric vehicle (EV) charge points can benefit your business. The number of electric vehicles sales have zero emissions by 2035. EV charge points are not always a viable option for every car park and there are many things to consider before making the decision. Bransby Wilson will provide you a full report on the viability of this facility to help with your decision.

How installing a charging solution can benefit your car park:

  • Environmentally friendly giving your car park the green stamp of approval
  • Increase footfall and revenue, making your car park a destination point for EV owners
  • Evolve your business in line with EV adoption
  • Appeal to a wider audience and create a loyal customer base
  • Make data driven decisions with EV charge point usage insight

Bransby Wilson are well positioned to give you a detailed proposal to cover EV charge point locations, number of spaces required and competitive tariffs. They organise every aspect of the installation, clearly mark out the bays and fully manage the ongoing operation of this facility.

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