16 November 2023

Top 10 Benefits of Parking Control

Parking control services typically involve the management and enforcement of parking rules and regulations within a specific area. These services ensure that parking spaces are used efficiently, fairly, and in compliance with the guidelines. Parking control services include activities such as monitoring parking spaces, issuing tickets or warnings for violations, managing permits, and implementing parking policies to maintain order and accessibility. Having efficient parking control systems in place is crucial to ensure a smooth parking experience for staff, customers, and other visitors.

With over 30 years of expertise in the industry and a client base including large multi-site organisations, rural destination sites across the UK, multi-outlet car parks, gaming/leisure providers, and the NHS, Bransby Wilson plays a pivotal role in providing effective parking control services as part of their car park management solutions.


Let’s explore the top 10 benefits of effective parking control:

1. Space Optimisation & Enhanced User Experience:

Bransby’s solutions not only maximise the use of available parking space but also contribute to increased revenue. By strategically optimising parking spots, our approach minimises congestion, enhances overall space efficiency, and fosters a higher turnover rate. This results in more spaces being available for use, ultimately driving additional revenue for our clients.

Prioritising intuitive solutions that allow drivers to easily locate available spaces can also provide a positive user experience. This focus on convenience boosts satisfaction among visitors and customers/users.


2. Increased Revenue Generation:

Effective parking control services contribute to increased income. This revenue can be reinvested for facility maintenance and improvements, often with no upfront costs to the client. Bransby Wilson also actively seeks lease and purchase opportunities to expand it’s car parking portfolio, find out more if you’re looking to sell or lease your land for car park spaces.


3. Improved Traffic Flow:

Professional parking control systems significantly improve traffic flow. Clearly designated entry and exit points, professional signage, and ANPR solutions create a seamless movement of vehicles, reducing congestion.


4. Enhanced Security Measures:

Bransby’s services prioritise the safety and security of parking areas. Through advanced surveillance systems, adequate lighting, and restricted access, they create a secure environment, minimising risks.


5. Environmental Impact:

Bransby’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the positive environmental impact of their services. By minimising the time spent searching for parking spaces, they contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions. Reducing the number of cars driving round looking for spaces can significantly cut down on carbon emissions that typically arise from idling engines.

Bransby Wilson also provides solar car park solutions and electric vehicle charging bays in line with the sustainable initiatives. This not only aligns with environmental goals but also promotes the adoption of clean energy practices within parking facilities. It reflects Bransby Wilson’s commitment to integrating eco-friendly solutions, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for both their clients and the broader community.


6. Compliance and Regulation:

Being a part of the British Parking Association, Bransby takes measures to ensure that parking facilities adhere to regulations. Establishing clear rules, including designated accessible parking spaces and time restrictions, etc. contributes to maintaining a well-regulated parking environment for staff, customers, visitors and the local community.


7. Data-Driven Decision Making:

Bransby’s innovative parking control systems generate valuable data, facilitating informed decision-making. Analysis of usage patterns and identification of peak hours enable strategic decisions for improvements based on concrete data.


8. Efficient Maintenance Strategies:

Controlled parking environments allow for targeted and efficient maintenance efforts. Identifying high-traffic zones or areas prone to wear and tear becomes easier, enabling proactive maintenance measures.


9. Positive Brand Image:

Bransby’s comprehensive parking control services contribute to building a positive brand image. The seamless parking experience they provide reflects positively on the overall image of their clients, creating a favorable impression among visitors and customers.


10. Cost & Resource Efficiencies:

Utilising parking control management services not only reduces the costs involved of having to pay for parking systems yourself, it also saves on staffing resources and time spent having to manage parking facilities internally. Enforcement can also be a time-consuming operation. Opting for professional enforcement services, can be a more sensible and strategic choice than handling it independently. Our enforcement service options aim to deter unauthorised parking and obstructions, eliminating negative parking behaviours and promoting overall compliance, all while saving you time and resources.


Bransby emerges as a key player in the realm of parking control services, offering a number of benefits that extend beyond conventional solutions. From optimising space utilisation to enhancing user experience and contributing to a positive brand image for their clients, Bransby’s services represent a strategic investment for businesses and organisations across the UK seeking to unlock the full potential of their parking facilities.


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