19 March 2024

Revolutionising Car Parks with Cutting-Edge Parking Permit Systems

Introducing our cutting-edge parking permit systems designed to revolutionise parking experiences across the nation. As we embrace the digital era, the traditional methods of paper permits and manual tracking are giving way to the convenience and effectiveness of digital parking permits. At the forefront of this technological shift are our solutions BW-Portal and BW-Permit designed to streamline car parks across the UK.

Leading the Way in Parking Permit Systems

Our journey started more than three decades ago with the introduction of the first permit-only car park. We now oversee numerous car parks for large organisations, spanning rural destination sites, multi-outlet car parks, leisure facilities, and healthcare organisations like the NHS. Understanding the significant impact of technological progress on the success of car parks, our advanced parking technologies play a crucial role in reducing costs, enhancing car park experiences, improving time efficiency, and streamlining operational processes. Among these innovations is our new parking permit system, a cornerstone of our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological solutions in the parking services that we provide.

Key Benefits of Digital Parking Permits

Let’s delve into the benefits of embracing digital parking permits. A parking permit system simplifies and modernises the entire parking experience, replacing cumbersome paper permits with user-friendly, web-based solutions. This transition not only increases convenience and efficiency but also minimises the risk of loss or theft associated with traditional permit methods.

Our digital parking permit system offers a range of features which can be tailored to a multitude of different industries. It provides features like seamless payment management, revenue options, and permit holders’ autonomy in updating their details. It also serves as a centralised hub for parking information. Its efficiency can offer significant cost savings, complemented by a modern and user-friendly design. Our clients also have the added benefit of personalisation through branding which can enhance their professional identity. Additionally, the system facilitates smooth communication and simplifies large-scale car park management, making it an invaluable asset.

Parking Permit System Options

Our BW-Portal provides a simple way for clients to manage their authorised user lists. It’s web-based, user-friendly, and grants full control to our clients.

Our BW-Permit solution offers a comprehensive solution for both clients and permit holders. With individual logins for both parties, a tailored permit webpage, and customisable options, it provides unparalleled flexibility. The process involves creating a landing page, designing an application form, and determining permissions and charges.

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