Ultimate Guide to Car Park Management 2022

What is parking management?

Car park management involves the installation of technology and solutions for the day-to-day running of the car park. It also covers the streamlining of operations via a mix of automation and manned stations to enhance the site’s efficiency and capacity. Bransby Wilson achieves this by implementing a bespoke car park management design, integrating the latest technologies for efficiency and security so that your car park runs like a well-oiled machine.

We can take all the concerns regarding your car park off your hands so that you can focus on your business and enjoy the benefits of having experienced experts managing your car park.

Who needs parking management?

Any business that has a car park on-site can benefit from parking management. Whatever your industry, chances are parking solutions are not the core focus of your business. But the importance of security and a high-quality customer experience can make a huge difference to your business, so it is important to manage your car park(s) efficiently.

Councils and other organisations that operate public car parks can also benefit from car park management. By integrating a bespoke system design and taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology, the daily running of your car parks can be improved. This way, car park management can increase the benefits of operating a car park so that you see greater ROI and an enhanced customer experience for everyone that uses your parking solutions.

Why do you need to optimise your parking management?

The way a car park is managed can improve its operation in a number of ways. Primarily, you will get a better understanding of how people use your car park, enabling you to get the maximum benefit from it. Optimising your parking management can yield several benefits, including:

  • Boosting revenue
  • Improving customer turnover
  • Enhancing site security
  • Reducing your environmental footprint
  • Enabling you to focus on core business operations
  • Providing you data reports on users of car parks, peak times (days/hours), popular tariffs, traffic flow, preferred payment methods, repeat users, etc.

When do you need to optimise your parking management?

Every day that your parking management is not optimised, your business could be suffering for it. Poor customer experience can put people off using your car park. Inefficient ticketing solutions can damage your customer turnover and discourage people from returning. And poor security could mean you are having to pay out for things like repairs and theft.

In short, you need to optimise your parking management immediately. There is no time like the present, so if you cannot honestly say that your parking management is optimised, it’s time to start making that a priority. Fortunately, Bransby Wilson are here to help you quickly get on top of your car park so that its efficiency improves and you get maximum benefit from it.

How do you know if your parking management is optimised?

When you look at the performance of your car park, it should be quite clear if there are problems or things are starting to stagnate. These issues should not be ignored – you should inspect your car park for what might be causing the problems, identifying areas of concern. The condition of facilities may have declined, or the layout of the car park may be causing issues for your customers.

You will always have competition, and the way your parking facilities operate will be a factor in customers’ decision-making. If you can see that something is not right with your car park, but are struggling to put your finger on it, Bransby Wilson can help. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and will be able to swiftly identify areas for improvement. We can then design a bespoke car park management solution to address the issues and quickly make the necessary improvements.

How can you optimise your parking management?

There are various things that can help, depending on the problems that are holding you back. Possible improvements include:

  • Offering more disabled/parent-and-child parking spaces
  • Resurfacing the space for a safer, more pleasant environment
  • Implementing automation technology for a more streamlined operation
  • Adding new security measures

Every situation is different, so the solutions for optimising your car park management will be unique to you. Take advantage of Bransby Wilson’s vast experience to evaluate your operations and design a bespoke solution to optimise your car park management.

We hope this ultimate guide to car park management 2022 has been useful to you. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact Bransby Wilson.

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